We are privileged to live on the spectacular Tiburon Peninsula – it is a special place. While we might wish our public landscapes would take care of themselves, with no need to replace plants, make irrigation repairs, mulch, prune and weed, we all know that without maintenance “gardens” tend to return to their natural weed-strewn state.

The history of the Tiburon Boulevard medians, aka Highway 131: Tiburon Boulevard is the State of California’s shortest highway. One-third is in Tiburon, the rest is in Marin County. In 1976, to celebrate America’s Bicentennial, CalTrans and Marin County planted the center medians – from 101 to Blackie’s Pasture – with red photinia, white oleander and blue rosemary.

By 1996 the medians were an untended mess. The Beautify Tiburon Boulevard Committee was formed to restore them to their former glory by the Millennium. And we did it! By the end of 1999 a $290,000 beautification project was complete with 2,600 plants and new irrigation thanks to CalTrans, the California Conservation Corps, civic, corporate and individual donors. Tiburon underwrites the water bill and, with some assistance from Belvedere, the cost of regular maintenance.

In 2007, Jim Wood formed Peninsula Pride to further enhance the entrance to our community and began whacking away at the weeds along the sides Tiburon Boulevard.

The two groups merged in 2013. Now, the Tiburon Peninsula GreenTeam in addition to the Tiburon Boulevard medians is working with Tiburon Public Works to keep the Old Rail Trail, Blackie’s Pasture, Downtown, Ferry and Fountain Plaza, the Heritage Palm, the Sam Chapman historical planter and Shoreline Park green and flourishing.

Take pride in where you reside by making a donation to the Tiburon Peninsula GreenTeam.